June 2022

Card Care Connection

This Month's Organization:

Card Care Connection is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing sympathetic messages and motivational cards to those who face cancer. Our goal is to provide an uplifting message of hope to brighten their day. Through this program, volunteer card makers from all over the United States create handmade paper crafting cards. We collect and distribute these handmade cards free of charge to identified individuals who may benefit from support .


Card Care Connection requests assistance with upbeat blank handmade multilayered paper crafting cards.  We have received cards from many different kinds of groups, including religious groups, women’s groups, retirement facilities, sororities, and private card makers.  Card making groups often report the sense of purpose they feel from this opportunity to give back to their community in a personal way.  For card makers, this can be a great avenue to apply their skills and supplies to an important cause.

Card Themes: Thinking of you, have a nice day, hello, care & concern, and hopeful messages are welcome.  Blank cards are also acceptable.  Please try to avoid get well soon, feel better, and religious messages. Some of our recipients are terminal and it is often hard to gauge religious involvement based on individual backgrounds.

Sentiments Examples (they should be general in nature and uplifting):

  • You’re Special
  • Thinking of You
  • Sending You Hugs
  • Sending Smiles Your Way
  • Just for You
  • Happy Hello
  • Have a Great Day
  • Sending You Happy Thoughts
  • Wishing You a Wonderful Day
  • To Lift Your Spirits
  • Wishing You a Day Bright with Sunshine

General: Do not handwrite or stamp inside the card.  The inside should be blank, but the outside may include a stamped sentiment.  Please do not send store-bought cards.  Smaller card sizes (A2 sized cards 4 ¼” x 5½”) including unsealed envelopes are preferred.  This helps with postage costs.

Use quality supplies (see DIY Card Making Kit Suggested Supplies for more details): Thin printer paper or construction paper is not adequate for cards- please use good cardstock for your card bases. Do not use foamies or stickers, they don’t hold up well in the mail. It’s ok to make fewer cards with better supplies – every card counts!  Decorative elements added to cards, such as flowers, ribbons, or brads, add a special touch. Please be careful that your embellishments have sufficient adhesive.  Some dimension is preferred.  Please keep in mind, though, that thicker, heavier cards require extra postage.

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End of the month. Please drop off at any Greene County Public Library location in a clean zippered plastic bag (or something appropriate to help us keep your work clean and undamaged).


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