July 2021

This Month's Organization:

Color A Smile is a nonprofit organization that distributes cheerful drawings to senior citizens, our troops overseas, and anyone in need of a smile.  Every month we mail thousands of new drawings to all the people on our mailing list.  School children, scouting troops, and anyone of any age, can volunteer to color and help us spread smiles. Over the last 30 years, Color A Smile has given out over 1.5 million drawings… That’s a lot of smiles! Color A Smile provides volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of helping others.  Color A Smile does not charge anyone to receive our drawings.  We never rent, sell or exchange our mailing list.


  1. Print a Free-Art or Color-In page from our website, opens a new window.
  2. Color the page using crayons or markers (please NO GLITTER).
  3. Sign the front of the drawing with your FIRST name and AGE (please NO DATES on any drawings).

Do I have to use the coloring pages from the Color A Smile website, opens a new window?

We prefer that you use our pages because it provides uniformity in our mailings, but you can use any paper that is available to you. On our website, opens a new window we offer the ‘Color-In’ pages for people that like ‘coloring book’ pages. We offer the ‘Free-Art’ pages for people that like to create their own work. Our paper is easy to photocopy and easy to mail, but you can use any paper that is convenient for you.

Can I send in my completed adult coloring books?

Since more adults are coloring today, Color A Smile is constantly increasing the number of detailed coloring pages available on our website. We hope the adults find these pages enjoyable to color. Some adults color their own elaborate, intricate coloring books that are beautiful. You are welcome to send us any coloring books that you have completed that are cheerful and colorful. We can cut the bindings off the coloring books and send out the individual pages.

Project Type:


Supplies You'll Need:

  • Crayons or Markers


End of the month. Please drop off at any Greene County Public Library location in a clean zippered plastic bag (or something appropriate to help us keep your work clean and undamaged).


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