April 2023

Greene County Public Health

This Month's Organization:

Greene County Public Health's vision is to be the trusted and recognized leader in public health emergencies, advocate for health equity, and provider of programs and services that uphold standards of public health practice. Our mission is to prevent and control communicable diseases, promote the health and wellness of Greene County residents, and protect the quality of our environment. Our employees accomplish our mission through integrated community efforts, assessment, health education, collaboration and assurance of quality services, disease prevention and control, and emergency preparedness. We put these values into practice with our individual and organizational behavior: Service, Dependability, Dedication, Collaboration, and Quality.


sensory book for baby or toddler (aka quiet book, fidget book), terry cloth (towel) bib for baby or toddler, or binky clip


For a sensory book, there are a lot of free templates, instructions, etc. for them online; just search “sensory book,” “quiet book,” or “fidget book” and add the words “instructions” or “patterns.”  Make sure all elements are securely fastened down and that there is nothing the baby or child could ingest.

For the terry cloth (towel) bib, there are also a lot of free patterns, instructions, etc. online; just search “towel bib pattern” or similar and you can get a lot of adorable variations on the theme, depending on how elaborate you want to get.

For binky clip, there are again a lot of free patterns, instructions, etc. online; just search “binky clip pattern” and you will find a lot of great ideas. Make sure there are no loose parts or rough edges.

Project Type:

Sewing, crochet


End of the month. Please drop off at any Greene County Public Library location in a clean zippered plastic bag (or something appropriate to help us keep your work clean and undamaged).


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