Reluctant Readers

How do you help your child become a reader? How do you make sure your child is reading at grade level? Here are some tips to help your child to become a more confident reader.

Make sure you allow your child to read what is comfortable for them. If your child likes graphic novels, encourage them to read a graphic novel after trying a new series with you. Don’t discourage your child by telling them graphic novels aren’t books. All children read books that interest them.

Be sure you don’t push your likes on your child. Some kids like to read books that are a lower level, but will help build their confidence to try harder books. Remember, just because an older child read a book or you read it when you were younger, that doesn’t mean this child will also like the same book.

Talk with your child’s teacher about their reading level. They will have good ideas about helping your child be on track for their grade. Teachers can suggest series they promote within the classroom. After talking with the teacher, you can ask a librarian to help you find books which are at a similar level to the teacher’s suggestions.

Reading should be a family activity. Make sure you encourage your child by sitting with them, reading a book with them, or reading to them. Reading to your child will help them see you want to be part of the process with them. As you’re reading, you can take time to have them predict what will happen. During this process, there are no wrong answers as long as the child explains their reasoning. This will help with comprehension as the child continues to read.

Finally, be encouraging and start with a level comfortable for your child. Don’t make reading a punishment, because this could lead your child further from reading. And take it one day, one book at a time. Sometimes 15 minutes of reading may be the magic number to help your child to become a stronger reader.