Librarian Pets and Trivia

While many libraries and bookshops around the world have live library mascots, Jamestown Community Library doesn’t currently have a four-legged friend in residence. In fact, only service animals are permitted in the library. But that doesn’t mean we librarians aren’t animal lovers.

Several Jamestown staff members have family of the four-legged variety. We feature our staff pets below. Staff members who own pets are Jane, Paul, Mary, Sheryl, Sara, Brenna, and Alma. See if you can guess who owns whom… Two of the entries are owned by the same person. Then join us for our first live Trivia Night at the Jamestown library on March 8th, when you can win a prize for your knowledge of general trivia, history, and pop culture.



Name: Taylor
Species: Canis familiaris
Breed: German Shepherd mix
Likes: Chasing the dogs who chase the toys at the dog park



Name: Kitty
Species: Felis catus
Breed: Domestic shorthair
Likes: Naps, watching the outside birds



Name: Midnight and Sunshine
Species: Cavia porcellus
Breed: Guinea pig
Likes: Eating timothy grass and spinach, making messes



Name: Doyle the Wondercat
Species: Felis catus
Breed: Domestic shorthair
Likes: Walking on keyboards



Name: Tonks
Species: Felis catus
Breed: Domestic shorthair (polydactyl)
Likes: Swatting the dog, knocking objects off the counter



Name: Quigley
Species: Canis familiaris
Breed: Blue Heeler
Likes: Dog treats, destroying toys



Name: Tiger
Species: Felis catus
Breed: Ragamuffin
Likes: Catching things for my humans



Name: Pixie
Species: Felis rusticus
Breed: Barn cat
Likes: Helping weed the garden


  1. Taylor belongs to Brenna.
  2. Kitty belongs to Alma.
  3. Midnight and Sunshine belong to Sara.
  4. Doyle the Wondercat belongs to Paul.
  5. Tonks belongs to Sara.
  6. Quigley belongs to Sheryl.
  7. Tiger belongs to Mary.
  8. Pixie belongs to Jane.