Food for Friends

Food for Friends, running February 13-18, is an annual initiative to help stock community food banks and forgive some library fines. This gives you the opportunity to donate unexpired, non-perishable food items to your local library in exchange for credits toward accrued fines.

  • For each item donated, we’ll forgive $1 of your fines on overdue materials (not applicable toward lost or damaged items).
  • Please note that fines can only be forgiven on overdue materials that have been returned, so make sure you check under the bed for any misplaced books or movies first!
  • Fine-free patrons are encouraged to pay it forward to help others pay down their fines as well!
  • All donations collected during Food for Friends will be distributed to food banks in your community.

And remember, snacks are always available at your community library. Ask your librarian about snacks when you visit!