Drink and Be Buried: Culinary Mysteries

Mystery type:

Culinary mysteries feature a professional chef as either the hero, victim, or villain, and often include recipes within their plots. These books might focus on beverages, baked goods, or even main courses and side dishes. 

Drink pairing:

Rooibos tea

Why they go together:

Rooibos tea tends to boggle people with its flavor profile. Some taste earthy notes and a slight sweetness similar to a cigar, others taste a more nutty profile, and many find the flavor light and refreshing. This pairs perfectly with culinary mysteries because both let you expand your palate and discover your preferred flavor profile. Will you like mysteries that focus on sweet or savory plot lines? Do you prefer a bitter or satisfying ending? What will you experience next?

Where to start:

Too Many Cooks

While a guest at a gathering of the greatest chefs in the world, Nero Wolfe must practice his own trade—sleuthing—when he discovers that a murderer is in their midst.

Catering to Nobody

Catering a wake is not Goldy's idea of fun. Yet the Colorado caterer throws herself into preparing a feast, including poached salmon and strawberry shortcake, designed to soothe forty mourners. And her culinary efforts seem to be exactly what the doctor ordered… until her ex-father-in-law gynecologist Fritz Korman is struck down and Goldy is accused of adding poison to the menu. Now, with the Department of Health impounding her leftovers, her ex-husband proclaiming her guilt, and her business about to be shut down, Goldy knows she can't wait for the police to serve up the answers. She'll soon uncover more than one family skeleton and a veritable stew of unpalatable secrets—the kind that could make Goldy the main course in an unsavory killer's next murder!

On What Grounds

Clare arrives at work to discover the assistant manager dead in the back of the store and coffee grounds strewn everywhere. Two detectives investigate, but when they find no sign of forced entry or foul play, they deem it an accident. Still, Clare is not convinced. And after the police leave, Clare can't help wondering: If this was an act of murder, is she in danger?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

Hannah Swenson already has her hands full trying to dodge her mother s attempts to marry her off while running The Cookie Jar, the most popular bakery in Lake Eden, Minnesota. But once Ron LaSalle, the beloved delivery man from the Cozy Cow Dairy, is found murdered behind her bakery with Hannah's famous Chocolate Chip Crunchies scattered around him, her life just can't get any worse. Determined not to let her cookies get a bad reputation, she sets out to track down a killer. 

The Diva Runs Out of Thyme

Few can compete with Natasha Smith when it comes to entertaining, but her childhood rival, Sophie Winston, certainly tries. Natasha may have stolen the spotlight, and Sophie's husband, but Sophie is determined to rob her of the prize for the Stupendous Stuffing Shakedown. She just needs the right ingredient. But Sophie's search for the perfect turkey takes a basting when she stumbles across a corpse. And when the police find her name and photo inside the victim's car, Sophie will have to set her trussing aside to solve the murder, or she'll be serving up prison grub.