A Young Reader Turned Eager Learner

Encouraging a child’s love for reading can and should start as early as birth according to Dolly Parton. The Imagination Library sends a new storybook right to your door each month free of charge in the hopes to inspire reading at a young age. While early literacy has a lot of technical benefits from early comprehension skills to kindergarten readiness, reading with your kids can also be a great way to spend quality time together as a family.  

Greene County mom Sarah shared that her daughter Anna has recently graduated from the Imagination Library but says her family is forever impacted for the better. Anna still benefits from the program as she continues to show interest in reading and learning new things.


I recently read the quote “Once you can read, you can learn anything,” from the book Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Has this been true for your child since enrolling in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library? 

We have always read to Anna, and I believe this quote rings true. I do think reading to children is important in developing early literacy skills and to instill interest in reading. I know for Anna, reading has helped expand her imagination and develop her vocabulary. The Imagination Library makes reading exciting because you get a new “Dolly book” every month. It’s like getting a present in the mail!

Do you have any “new book rituals”? Things you do each time your child gets a book in the mail?

Sadly, we received our last book already, back in May. When we were receiving books, Anna was just excited to get something in the mail. You know, the books were addressed to her, and it made a big difference! Of course, we would read the new book at bedtime. Even after our time in the Imagination Library, my daughter still gets excited to find and read new books!


Does your child have a favorite book and what about it stands out to them? 

Her favorite book switches from week to week. She honestly just loves to read new stories, which is fun for our family to do together! I think she loves the unique voices we do for characters in the story. The Imagination Library helped us create reading rituals that we will continue to do.


What encouraging words would you give to a parent whose child is not enrolled in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library? Why should they join?

You should definitely join! Children love getting new books in the mail, and it helps add variety to bedtime reading. You may get an awesome book that your child loves that you might otherwise have never known it existed! Participation in the Imagination Library proved to be a wonderful bonding experience for our whole family, and I recommend it to everyone.


Help your child discover the wonderful world of reading and sign them up for The Imagination Library today at https://greenelibrary.info/imaginationlibrary/

The Imagination Library in Greene County is supported through The Greene County Public Library Foundation, hosting their annual fundraiser on October 4. Visit the their website to learn more about this and other ways you can help support childhood literacy in our community.