The Maze Runner, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of our Online Book Club discussion of The Maze Runner.

Didn't you feel like this section just flew? It was so exciting and there were so many interesting things going on! I didn't want to stop reading. Did you feel the same way? 

The beginning of this section talks a lot about the Changing that Alby endured. Were you confused by the Changing when they started mentioning it? Wasn't it weird that the boys were able to remember some things after going through the changing? What is the purpose of that, do you think? 

Another really interesting part of this section is that we learn that Thomas and Teresa have some sort of mind connection, and Teresa is able to communicate to Thomas through his mind. She shares with Thomas that she triggered "the ending," and she is the one to tell him that the maze is really a code. What do you think she was talking about when she said "the ending," or when she talked about "the Trials?" What is Teresa's purpose? How surprised were you that the maze was a code, not something that could be solved by running through it? I thought that was really interesting. I would have never figured out to look at the changes in the maze to see different letters. 

After Teresa wakes up, the doors stay open and the Grievers come to camp in the night. That part was really scary to me. I couldn't believe that Gally returned, and the description of the Grievers carrying away his body was really disturbing. And, his message that one boy would be killed every night was really scary. How do you think the boys are going to escape? Do you think the Griever hole holds the key to their survival? 

What do you think is going to happen in the last section? Do you have any ideas about the ending of the book? Do you feel like the ending will be hard to read? 

While I was reading this section, I kept imagining how hard it would be to turn this incredible world into a movie set. If you're interested to see the process the visual effects crew used to create this movie, check out this article from Cinefex. It's really informative and gives some good behind the scenes peeks of the movie, with an interview with one of the visual effects supervisors, and pictures and videos showing how her team brought the world to life. 

I hope you'll leave all of your impressions and thoughts in the comments section. I can't wait to hear what you thought of this section. Make sure to finish the book for next week!