Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Simple Watercolor Birthday Cards

Hello Crafters!

This month's take-and-make kit features watercolor birthday cards.  Have no fear!  You don't need any artistic ability to create these cards.  I know that because I certainly don't have any.  

I've always really liked the look of watercolor and it's very forgiving for those of us with little artistic talent.  I came across some cards on Pinterest that were super cute and I knew that even I could recreate them.  

To claim a kit for yourself, go here and register:


Items in your kit:

5 blank cards and envelopes

Watercolor paint set

1 Sharpie

Washi Tape (I didn't use this in my samples, but thought it might be fun to play around with)

Using the items from the kit, I created the below cards.  Feel free to use mine as a guide or use your imagination to create your own!

Source:  Etsy (seller no longer available)

Source:  Etsy (shop name:  Somerpress)


Other simple inspiration cards:




carousel image 0



Source:  Pinterest - Pauline Dravet