Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Fall Pumpkin Decoration

Happy Fall, Crafters!

I'm really loving this month's craft!  It was really fun to make and so cute!

To snag your kit, click here:

Included in your kit:

  • pumpkin cutout
  • felt for flowers and leaves
  • raffia
  • orange paint
  • paint brush
  • leaves
  • jute rope

NOT included in your kit:

  • scissors
  • hot glue/hot glue gun


  1.  Paint the blank pumpkin.  I would recommend 2-3 layers to get a good orange color.  After I had the base paint on, I added a little red paint to my orange and used that to make the accents around the pumpkin.  I didn't worry about making the painting that pretty - I wanted a more rustic look.    TIP:  The paint brush will be rock hard when it comes out the package.  Soak it in some water for 5 minutes and it will be just fine.

2.  Make the felt flowers.  Cut the felt pieces into the shapes in the pictures below.  For all but the maroon flower (mum), roll the felt starting from the outside.  Glue a little as you go along and use the center piece to cover the bottom of the flower.  For the mum, fold the rectangle in half longways and glue.  Make cuts along the folded edge.  Roll and glue along the way.  I used a rubber band to keep it together until the glue hardened.

Here are some felt flower tutorials (and pictures of my process):




3.  Cut out 3 leaf shapes from the green felt.

4.  Arrange all the pieces on the pumpkin in the desired location and glue down.  I glued the leaves and raffia first and then placed my flowers and the leaves last.  Do what works best for you.

5.  Glue the jute rope onto the back for hanging.  Enjoy!

As always, we love to see your finished products!  Feel free to upload them to our Facebook page here:

Happy Crafting!