Everything, Everything, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of our Online Book Club discussion of Everything, Everything.

This was an exciting section, wasn't it? How surprised were you that Maddy left her house, bought plane tickets, and went to Hawaii with Olly? I felt like something big like that was going to happen after they met. After they touched, it seemed inevitable that she wouldn't be content with life inside the house anymore. I was pretty surprised that she went all the way to Hawaii, though. You'd think that she might want to start a little smaller than flying to a different state. I guess she just wanted to make sure she could have a good experience without her mother's interference. 

Before the trip, Nicola Yoon spends a lot of time in this second section talking about Olly's dad. Why do you think she put so much time into telling us about this periphery character? Do you think the fact that he was so volatile helped to bring Olly and Maddy closer together? Did it give them something to bond over? 

A pivotal point in this section was when Maddy ran out of the house after Olly's dad punched him in the stomach. Her reaction was too intense for her to pretend that she didn't care about Olly. Were you surprised that she ran outside? And were you surprised that she appeared to have no ill effects when she did?

It was sad that this event caused Maddy's mom to fire Maddy's nurse, Carla. She was so kind to Maddy. The new nurse is pretty horrible. I didn't enjoy her passive-aggressive Post-it Notes. 

This section ends with Maddy ignoring a painful squeezing in her heart. She isn't showing any other signs of illness, but this symptom is a little worrying. Do you think it's stress, or is this a sign of her disease? Are you surprised that she is doing so well otherwise? How do you think this trip will end? 

As I'm sure you can guess from the format of this book, Nicola Yoon, the author, is a lot of fun. If you're interested in seeing more of her personality, check out this video. Yoon plays a book game that looks like a game I would like to try with my family. 

Make sure to finish the book in time for our discussion next week! I hope to hear from you in the comments!