Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Cross Stitch Bookmark

Hi Crafters!

This month's craft is to make this cross stitch bookmark!

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Included in your kit:

1 blank bookmark

1 piece felt for backing

Embroidery floss


1 embroidery needle 

NOT included in your kit:

Glue (I used fabric glue, but I think other types would work)


  1.  I started stitching with the very bottom row (symbol = purple 3).  I counted 7 stitches from the left and 7 stiches from the bottom to begin.
  2. After you've stitched the entire pattern, cut the felt piece just smaller than the bookmark and glue to the back.  I used tacky glue, but any fabric glue will work.


 It is very important to waste as little embroidery floss as possible.  There is a fair amount of backstitching and you will need all of the floss for that.  Additionally, I did not provide the brown floss for backstitching the pages.  I just used the darkest purple for that.

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Happy Stitching!