Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Crocheted Pumpkin

It's pumpkin season, crafters!  That means this month, we're making a crocheted pumpkin and it's VERY beginner friendly!

First, sign up for your kit here:

Included in your kit:

1 skein orange yarn

1 crochet hook (size 11/L)

24" of wired vine

1 artificial stem

Not included in your kit:

newspaper for stuffing


If you're new to crocheting, don't worry, this is literally the easiest pattern that exists.  Check out these videos for some beginner instruction:  

You will create a rectangle that is 30 chains long and 15 rows high - all in single crochet stitch.

  1.  Chain 30, turn
  2.  Single crochet (SC) in each chain all the way across.  Chain 1 and turn.
  3.  Skip the first chain and then SC all the way across.
  4.  Repeat until you have 15 rows.  You should end up with something like this.

5.  Cut the yarn tail (from the skein) leaving SEVERAL feet of length.

6.  Fold the rectangle in half and sew the ends together using the yarn tail.

(This picture shows using a needle, but you can do this with the hook as well)

7.  After you have a tube, continue to use the yarn tail and weave yarn around the outside edges.  Pull to close.

8.  Turn the pumpkin over and stuff with newspaper from the top.  I only needed about 2-3 sheets balled up to fully stuff the pumpkin.

9.  Once pumpkin is stuffed, continue to use the yarn tail and close the top just like in step 7.

10.  Wrap the wire vine around the bottom of the stem a couple of times to secure it.

11.  Use a pen/pencil or other round object to curl the ends to look like vine.

12.  Insert the stem into the top of the pumpkin.  Make sure it grabs some of the fibers from the yarn so that it stays in place.  Position vine as necessary.

That's it!  You have a cute little fall pumpkin ready to decorate your house!

As always, I'd love to see your final products!  Feel free to post to our Facebook page at

Happy crafting!