Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Clothespin Wreath


Hey Crafters!  July is right around the corner and we're kicking it off with a patriotic clothespin wreath.  This was easy to make (though a bit tedious) and I really enjoyed it!

Register for your kit here:

Included in your kit:

1 wire wreath form

6 pieces of red, white and blue scrapbook paper

1 bottle of mod podge

1 paintbrush

57 clothespins

Not included in your kit:


ribbon for hanging, if desired


  1.  Using a clothespin as a guide, cut the scrapbook paper into strips.  You will need 14 blue strips (8 of each shade), 21 red strips and 21 white strips (divided between the 2 shades)

2.  Put a thin layer of mod podge on the clothespin and secure the strip of paper to the top.

3.  Allow the mod podge to dry.  If you want to, you can stop at this step.  However, I filed the edges of the clothespin down to remove the excess paper off the edges.  This also gives it a bit more of a rustic look.  After that, add another very thin layer of mod podge to the top and allow to dry.

4.  When the clothespin are all dry, attach them to the wire frame as shown in the picture below.  The wire frame is divided into 4 sections.  Fourteen clothespins should fit into each section.  I alternated the colors, but you can arrange them however you like!

5.  You're all done!  Feel free to post a photo of your finished product on our Facebook page here: