Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Button Heart Plaque


Hi Crafters!

This month's craft is to make this button heart plaque.

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Included in your kit:

1 piece chipboard

1 piece music note paper

1 antique-ish key

Red buttons


NOT included in your kit:


glue (I used hot glue, but I think other types would work)


  1.  Trace the chipboard onto the music note paper and cut out.  Glue down the paper making sure to get the edges and corners attached well.

2.  Arrange buttons into a heart shape outline and glue down.

3.  Fill in the heart with buttons and glue down.

4.  Create a second layer of buttons on the heart and glue down.

5.  Thread the two thicker ribbons through the key hole in the key and tie a knot.

6.  Make a bow.  Glue the bow just above the button heart.

7.  Attach the white ribbon onto the knot and make a bow in front.

8.  Use the remaining ribbon to create a hanger.  Knot both ends of the thicker ribbons together.  Glue them to the back of the chipboard.

9.  I used a nail file to roughen up the edges of the chipboard to make it look a little more rustic.  This is optional, of course.

That's it!  I hope you had fun and, as always, feel free to share your finished piece on our Facebook page.

Happy Crafting!