Beavercreek Adult Take-and-Make: Bookish Magnets

Hey Crafters!

This month's take and make is super quick and simple, but makes something very useful!

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Included in your kit:

3 glass domes

3 magnets

bookish designs

Not included in your kit:


clear glue or mod podge (very small amount)


  1.  Decide on 3 bookish designs for your magnets and cut them out.  You can also use a 1" round paper punch if you have one.  You can also use any other picture as long as it's 1" round.
  2. Put a small amount of clear glue or mod podge on the top of the design and attach it to the flat side of the glass dome.  Allow to dry.
  3. Once dry and firmly attached, peel the red adhesive cover off the magnet and attach it to the back of the design.
  4. That's it!  

Happy Crafting!