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Welcome to the final Online Book Club discussion of The Lost City of Z.

How did the end of the book go for you? Did it end like you thought it would?

Wasn’t it really sad that Fawcett had to endure such poverty and loss of position after World War I? I thought it was interesting that he fought in the war, but I couldn’t believe how hard it was for him to get back to the Amazon after the war. His family endured a lot while helping to support his dreams of finding Z. It was really sad that his family never really got closure and was always waiting for Fawcett and his son to come back.

David Grann’s narrative was pretty interesting in this last section. He was able to talk to a lady who might have seen Fawcett and his crew. Do you think she really met Fawcett, or was she remembering another group of explorers? Were you afraid that Grann was going to be really hurt while traveling around the jungle? When he got separated from his guide, it seemed like he might come to real harm. I was really relieved when he made it back to his guide and made it safe to his destination.

Were you shocked when Grann was shown the remains of that civilization by Heckenberger? There were roads, defensive moats, canals, and human dwellings. Do you think this was the elusive Z that Fawcett tried to find? Wasn’t it so sad that he was so close to finding a civilization like this?

Throughout the book, Grann mentions that people went to the Amazon trying to find Fawcett, and many people claimed to have information about him. We looked at the Fawcett Adventure website last week, and it also includes old newspaper articles about Fawcett. These articles show that Fawcett was an elusive figure and many false stories circulated about him throughout the years. Make sure to click through a couple of the articles to find out more about Fawcett and the search to find him.

I hope you enjoyed the book this month! It was a pretty fun adventure story, wasn’t it? Make sure to let me know if the story of Fawcett inspired you to take any summer explorations.

Join us again next month as we read Everything, Everything. And, make sure to leave me a comment to tell what you thought of the end of the book! I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Carrol

    This was a really interesting book. I don’t prefer to read a lot of nonfiction, but this was definitely worth the read.

    I guess the book ended the way I thought it would. Reading about the details of the final expedition was really difficult. How sad that the first trip with his son ended up being his last.

    I thought so much about Fawcett’s wife throughout the book. She sacrificed so much to make his dreams a reality. She was also his greatest supporter. I can’t get over how persistent she was to find out as many details about what really happened to Fawcett.

    I was really nervous when Grann started his trip, but I really think he was able to find answers to several unanswered questions. I think the people he spoke to about Fawcett were legitimate. Being shown the civilization remains was unbelievable. I can only imagine how exciting that was for him.

    Thanks for all of the extra websites you provided throughout the month. They were really helpful.

    • Erin K.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the nonfiction book, Carrol! I don’t usually love nonfiction, either, but I enjoyed this book, too.

      I thought about Fawcett’s wife a lot, too. She was so good to keep trying to find out what happened to him, and she was so good to keep his memory alive. That kind of reminded me of Eliza Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton’s wife. She worked to keep his legacy alive, even after he died. Have you ever read anything about the Hamiltons?

      I’m glad you looked at the extra websites.

      Thanks for reading along and commenting along this month. I hope you enjoy next month’s title. It’s an easier read, for sure.


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