Turning Favorite Stories into Lifelong Learning

Whether it was Curious George, Stellaluna, or The Lorax, these stories stay with us well into our adult lives as fond memories from childhood.

Not only does reading with your child provide these bonding experience but it also helps to improve your child’s literacy skills and overall love of reading. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library gives our youngest readers the chance to have their future favorite storybooks mailed right to their door for free!

Elizabeth signed her son Richard up for the Imagination Library and says he gets so excited to receive his new “Dolly book” every month. Elizabeth shared her family’s experience with the program and what makes it so beneficial.


I recently read the quote “Once you can read, you can learn anything,” from the book Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. Has this quote been true in your household, and if so, what have you noticed about your child’s development since you started reading with them? 

This is very true! I have noticed how vast my son’s vocabulary is since we started reading together. He really enjoys learning new words and reading new stories. 

Do you have any “new book rituals”? Things you do each time your child gets a book in the mail? 

Yes! Each time he receives a new book from “Miss Dolly,” we sit down in our recliner chair and read. I always ask him before reading what he thinks the book will be about based off the title and the image on the cover. 

Does your child have a favorite book and what about it stands out to them? 

His favorite book from the Imagination Library is "Daniel's Good Day," and we read it once a week. He loves the illustrations and story. His other favorites are any of the Bernstain Bears books. He loves the colors and stories.

What encouraging words would you give to a parent whose child is not enrolled in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library? Why should they join?

I would encourage every parent to enroll their children in the imagination library because I have seen the joy and educational benefits it brings my son. It's so wonderful to get a new book each month in the mail to read and share with your children. We're very grateful to Dolly Parton and The Imagination Library in Greene County! 


Help your child discover the wonderful world of reading and sign them up for The Imagination Library today at https://greenelibrary.info/imaginationlibrary/

The Imagination Library in Greene County is supported through The Greene County Public Library Foundation, hosting their annual fundraiser on October 4. Visit the their website to learn more about this and other ways you can help support childhood literacy in our community.