The Firm, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club discussion of The Firm

This section was intense, wasn't it? So many things happened, it feels almost impossible to talk about the chapters! I was really glad once we finally realized what illegal activities in which the firm participated. Once I knew about the Mafia and money laundering, I finally understood why the firm was so intent on sending lawyers to the Cayman Islands all the time. What other pieces clicked into place for you once you realized the firm was helping the Mafia? 

Lomax was a pretty sad character in this section. At the beginning of the section, he lets Mitch know that the deaths of the lawyers are suspicious. But, then, he is assassinated. His death has to be connected to the firm as Tammy, the secretary suggests. It's so sad that Lomax was killed—he was just trying to help out Mitch. 

Tammy was my favorite character in this section. First, she rents that office space so she and Mitch can make copies of Mitch's files. Then, she seduces Avery and drugs him so she can make copies of the secret files. She and Abby were so brave throughout that whole scene! Tammy showed no fear when talking to Avery or when walking back and forth with the documents. Finally, she flies back and forth with the files and organizes them for Mitch. He could not have done anything without her.

A lot of this section follows Tarrance and Mitch as they iron out the details of Mich's deal.The FBI wants copies of files and bank documents, so they can build a case against the firm. Mitch, at first, just wants money and assurance that he and Abby can walk away from this whole experience safe. But, he eventually decides that he wants the FBI to break his brother out of prison. It seems like the FBI will pay Mitch however much money he wants, but they are resisting getting Ray out of jail. Do you think they'll end up doing it? 

Which of Tarrance and Mitch's interactions did you think was the most stressful? I thought the time when Tarrance approached Mitch out in the open in downtown Memphis was the most concerning. Why would Tarrance put Mitch in so much danger? The firm was so suspicious of that encounter, even though Mitch tried to play it off like he wanted Tarrance to leave him alone. I also thought their meeting on the Greyhound bus was pretty cool. All of their evasive tactics to lose Mitch's followers were pretty ingenious. 

Did you feel like Mitch was being honest with the FBI in this section? Did you ever feel like he might double cross the FBI? There's just something about his demeanor and actions that makes me feel like he's hiding something. Do you think he'll end up helping the FBI in the end? 

This section ends with an FBI mole telling the firm that he will give them information about Mitch. How do you think this will come to affect Mitch? Do you think he'll be able to escape before the mole rats him out? 

Are you enjoying Grisham's writing style? If you're curious about his writing process, check out the video below. He talks about his regimented routine, which I find fascinating. 

I'm sure I missed so much in this section, so make sure to leave a comment to tell me about your favorite part that I skipped over. 

We'll be finishing up the book next week. I hope you'll join us then!