Run, Rose, Run, Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Online Book Club discussion of Run, Rose, Run.

Are you enjoying the reading experience so far? What did you think of that prologue? It sure started with a bang, didn't it? I wonder how long it will take for us to get to that part in the book. I can't imagine why AnnieLee would need to leap off of a balcony, but apparently, she will need to. It makes me think that she might get in over her head once she gets some fame? 

The action continued right after the prologue. What did you think of the fact that AnnieLee stole that semi-truck? One thing I wished I had understood was what happened to the semi-truck after she drove away. Did she leave it at the rest stop she told the drive to walk to? She didn't drive it all the way to Nashville, right? I thought that might come back to haunt AnnieLee later, but it wasn't really mentioned. I was also surprised that she was able to drive it--I think I would need more training to do it successfully. 

AnnieLee gains traction pretty quickly after singing in the bar. It was pretty lucky that she happened to sing in Ruthanna's bar. I was surprised how welcoming Ruthanna was from the beginning. She gives AnnieLee a place to sleep, she gives her advice--do you think it's because Ruthanna sees her daughter in AnnieLee? There's some sort of secret there with her daughter. I wonder what the story is with Ruthanna and her daughter. It has to be something big because Ruthanna seems pretty sad and broken. 

Near the end of this section, AnnieLee is attacked in her hotel room. Who in the world would want to attack her? The whole scene felt like something out of a spy thriller, but I have a hard time imagining AnnieLee is some government operative or something. Why is she so secretive about her past, and why won't she share more about the attack. She doesn't seem to be too surprised that she's attacked. Do you think she was in a gang or something? I just have no idea what could be happening with her. 

Ethan is going to protect AnnieLee--Ruthanna asks him about it right at the end of the section. Do you think the music producer Mikey is someone that AnnieLee has to be protected from? 

In the last chapter in this section, AnnieLee is going to start recording with Ruthanna. I think she's going to hit it big quickly. Do you think she'll find instant success in the next section? I just can't wait to keep reading because I really want to figure out why she is being followed and attacked. 

Before you go, check out this video of Dolly Parton and James Patterson talking about the book. Did you think the two of them were an unlikely writing pair? 

I can't wait to hear all of your thoughts and opinions on this first section in the comments! Make sure to read through chapter 64 for next week! Thanks for following along!