Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Week 4

Welcome to the final discussion of Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.

Did the book end like you expected it to? I, for one, was shocked by the ending, and to be honest, the ending made me upset that I had read the book. Did anyone else feel that way? 

At the beginning of this section, Fauvel and Natasha don't think that they will continue to see each other after Mrs. Harris leaves. But, she makes them confess their feelings to each other, and they decide that they would like to get married. I was glad that they were finally able to be honest with each other. 

Mrs. Harris finally gets the dress, and she's going to go home with all of the gifts that she received from the people in Paris. Couldn't you tell, from the gifts, that Mrs. Harris made a big impact on everyone she came in contact with. She brought Fauvel and Natasha together, she helped Mme Colbert's husband, and she brought smiles to those around her. I liked that someone so unassuming could do so much for so many. 

What did you think of the scene where the man at the airport didn't believe that the dress was a Dior? I was really curious how Mrs. Harris was going to make it past customs, and I was glad that she didn't have to lie. It was nice that he could tell the truth, and it was the man's own fault that he didn't believe she could have something so nice. What do you think you would have done in that situation? 

The ending with Miss Penrose made me so angry! Could you believe how it all played out? Mrs. Harris was trying to be so kind by letting Miss Penrose borrow the dress, and Miss Penrose treated Mrs. Harris and the dress so poorly! She wasn't even brave enough to tell Mrs. Harris to her face how she ruined the whole thing! I have to say that I was really disappointed that the book ended with Mrs. Harris just accepting the dress and being thankful for her memories of the trip. I wish she could have gotten new pieces to fix the dress. Did you feel that way? I'm glad that the trip was so important to her and that she valued the people she met, but she worked so hard for that dress! I wish she had a pristine one. How would you have changed the ending? Or, did you think it was a good way to finish the story? 

What did you think of the book as a whole? Did you enjoy it? Are you glad you read it? Or, did the ending ruin the whole thing for you? 

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Before you go, check out the video below and listen to the star of the movie talk about what she kept from the set. 

Thanks for following along this month! I can't wait to hear all of your thoughts in the comments section! Make sure to come back next month as we read The Knife of Never Letting Go.