Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club discussion of Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.

What did you think of this section? Did you enjoy getting to know Mrs. Harris better? I appreciated how she was herself everywhere she went. She definitely didn't try to change herself to suit the people around her. 

I was really curious about what Dior's shop looked like. I wasn't able to find any really good pictures of it, but I did find this interesting article that had a bunch of pictures of Dior memorabilia. There are a few pictures of his store in the article if you scroll towards the bottom. Make sure to check out some of the fashion show videos! I think those are so interesting. The fashion shows are so different from the ones we have now. I feel like this fashion show video is the closest to the show that Mrs. Harris experienced. What do you think? 

At the beginning of this section, we meet Mme Colbert. What did you think of her? She had a lot of things on her mind that made her unpleasant at first, but I think she had a good heart under it all. I was so glad when she held firm during the fashion show and let Mrs. Harris sit in a regular seat. Could you believe that horrible woman who said such horrible things about Mrs. Harris? She was so unpleasant! I was glad that she didn't get her way. 

What do you think of Fauvel and Natasha? It's interesting that Natasha is so successful and beautiful, but all she wants is a normal man, and Fauvel is just a normal man, but he assumes that Natasha could never love him because he's not glamorous like her. I did feel a little frustrated that Fauvel and Natasha couldn't just talk to each other and have a discussion about their feelings, but they were intriguing enough as a pair that I felt like I wanted to root for them. What did you think when Natasha showed up at Fauvel's door and ended up cleaning with Mrs. Harris? I can't imagine how mortified Fauvel was, but the whole thing ended up endearing Natasha more to him. 

At the fashion show, Mrs. Harris decides that she wants the "Temptation" gown. Didn't your heart just plummet to the floor when you realized with Mrs. Harris that she would have to get a dress made and couldn't just walk out the door with the sample? I was so glad when Fauvel offered to have her stay with him for the week. Though, I can't imagine accepting that kind of offer! Do you think you'd like the opportunity to go to a haute couture show and try on one of the dresses, or do you think you'd be too nervous and would feel too out of place? I don't think I would want to. I think I would feel like a fish out of water. 

At the end of the section, Mrs. Harris runs into the man from the fashion show, Marquis de Chassagne. It seems like he is taken with her. Do you think there are any romantic feelings there? I don't think there are any feelings on Mrs. Harris's side. She seems content with her life. The Marquis says that he would like to help Mme Colbert and her husband. What do you think he will be able to do for them? 

Can you believe how Mrs. Harris is helping everyone? She is really making a difference in everyone's lives, even though she is just there for a dress. What do you think will happen in the end? How do you see the story finishing? 

Before you go, check out the video below to learn more about the Dior gown recreations from the movie. 

Thanks for joining us this week! Make sure to check back next week after you finish reading the book. Don't forget to leave a comment, so I can know your thoughts about this section!