Magic and Sea Creatures and Storytime, Oh My!

Experience the wonderful world of magic with Jim Kleefeld during his of Oceans of Fun Show at GCPL this June! Former kindergarten teacher and self-proclaimed book lover, Jim encompasses interactive magic, humor, and storytelling to dazzle his audience.

I had the chance to discuss this year’s show with Jim.


What made you want to pursue magic and performing?

I have always loved magic since I was a 7-year-old cub scout, and I found a knack for it that was easier and more fun for me than football, gardening, or swimming. I’ve turned my childhood passion into a fun career!

What is your favorite part of doing magic for children?

I absolutely live for the laughs and smiling faces I see at every show! Nothing beats that wide-eyed look of surprise and wonder that only comes from the young and innocent belief that “magic” might be real.

Having performed at libraries in the past, what do you love about the Summer Reading Program and how do your shows incorporate the yearly theme (Oceans of Possibilities)?
This is my 52nd consecutive year of creating a new themed show for Summer Reading Clubs all over Ohio. What I love most about libraries is that they bring self-selecting audiences. The kids who come to watch are not forced to come - they really want to be there. Since I return to so many of the same libraries year after year, I love putting together a new show each year, and the library themes give me a great starting point for tricks and ideas.  

What should our patrons expect when they attend one of your magic shows this summer?

At my Oceans of Fun Magic Show, kids and parents can expect lots of laughs, many moments of pure wonder, and a few big surprises. One thing I always love to do is include special humor for the adults to enjoy - some of the fun goes right over the kids’ heads, but those moments are really designed to ensure the parents have a good time too. For my younger audience, each child will learn a magic trick that they can perform for their friends and family. I’ll teach them the trick at the show, then give them each the prop they’ll need to perform the trick at home!


Experience the fun at Jim Kleefeld’s Oceans of Fun Magic Show on June 20th at the Fairborn community library and June 21st at the Beavercreek and Winter’s-Bellbrook community libraries.