Dashing Through the Snow, Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Online Book Club discussion of Dashing Through the Snow

Can you believe how easy this book is to read? I felt like I barely took any time at all to get through these first nine chapters! Couldn't you see, right from the beginning, that this book was begging to have a movie adaptation? The storyline immediately felt like a movie plot to me. 

In this first section, we're introduced to Ashley and Dash. Did you feel like you enjoyed one of them over the other? I felt like I understood Ashley a lot better than I understood Dash. He was hard to get to know since he was so serious and reserved. Ashley was a really fun character right from the beginning. What did you think about their meeting? I know I would not have gotten in the car with a strange man, even after talking to his mother. I think I have watched too much Dateline and heard too many true crime podcasts to be that trusting. But, Ashley seemed to think she would be fine to drive with him. I'm not sure if I buy their chemistry right now in the story. I know that we're supposed to want Ashley and Dash together, but I'm not really seeing them as a good pair right now. Maybe that will change as the story continues. 

The pair definitely had a rocky start together. Were you afraid that Dash was actually going to leave Ashley behind after she picked up the dog? I didn't think he would leave her behind forever, but I was surprised that he actually drove out of the parking lot. I thought for sure he was going to cave almost immediately. I thought it was really odd that a motorcycle gang showed up, but I guess that scene just served to make the FBI more convinced that Ashley is a devious criminal. What did you think of the motorcycle gang scene? Were you confused about its purpose, too? 

What did you think of the FBI storyline in this first section? It is pretty far-fetched to think that the FBI would be following someone and putting so many resources towards following someone when they don't know for sure they are following the right person. I felt like the FBI actually acted more like a local police force in the way they were pursuing Ashley. They didn't seem as professional as I would imagine the FBI to be. But, it's a fun conflict, and this storyline is different than any book I've ever read before. 

This section ends with the boys changing the license plate on Ashley and Dash's car. Obviously, that's not going to end well for the boys. They will definitely get in trouble with the FBI for doing that. Don't you expect that the FBI will end up chasing the boys at some point? Were you surprised that Ashley and Dash seemingly had no idea? When do you think they will realize that they have a different license plate? 

Ashley and Dash are warming up to each other by the end of this section. Do you think love is in the air? What do you think is in store for them in the next section? 

Have you ever wondered how Debbie Macomber got her start? Check out the video below to hear about her early publishing days. I always love hearing how authors get started and how much their careers change over time. 

I hope you're able to read the rest of the book for next week! Make sure to leave your thoughts about the first section in the comments!