Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares, Week 4

Welcome to the final Online Book Club discussion of Dash & Lily's Book of Dares.

This last section was a little wild, wasn't it? There were so many things happening--it was almost hard to believe. Did the book end like you thought it would? What element was the most unexpected to you? 

At the beginning of this section, Dash takes Lily home. He is obviously disappointed in the way she is in real life, and he does not seem interested in seeing her again. Do you think that is a fair reaction? Do you think he was too hard on her? Do you think Lily deserved a second chance? 

Lily is so apologetic for her actions. She leaves the notebook for Dash, and she leaves him some tea. Were you impressed by Lily's ability to find Dash? She was very persistent to find him and his apartment. 

Everything really goes wild once Boris the dog enters the picture. He really made the story go sideways. Could you believe how the mothers believed that Lily and Dash were attempting to steal the child that they actually rescued? I could not believe that Lily was able to catch that baby--I would definitely have dropped it on the ground. The mothers were so crazy! I was so glad that the police ended up believing that Boris was the problem, not Dash and Lily. Weren't you glad that they ended up not getting in trouble? 

What did you think of the last date that Dash and Lily had? The kitchen set they visited made me think of Martha Stewart. That sure was a fun date experience. The Oxford English Dictionary at The Strand was really cool, too. They definitely made up for the awkwardness of their first meeting with the final date. Do you think they got in a lot of trouble the next day after they were released from The Strand? I think they must have gotten in a lot of trouble--Lily was already on probation. 

At one point, when Lily finally gets the notebook back from Dash and has an in-depth conversation with Boomer, Lily and Boomer go to a restaurant named Max Brenner. They get a chocolate pizza which sounded like the most decadent dessert. Take a look at the Max Brenner menu to see what treat you would order if you traveled to the restaurant. If you know a trip to New York City isn't in your future, check out this recipe for the chocolate pizza instead. Make sure to let me know if you make a chocolate pizza at home!

If you enjoyed this book this month, you might enjoy this list of similar titles I created. Make sure to let me know if you check out aything on the list! 

Before you go, check out all of the dares that show up in the movie version. There are so many more in the movie than the book! Which one would you like to do the least? 

Thanks for following along this month! I hope you'll leave your thoughts in the comments section. And, I hope you'll join us again next month as we read The Hobbit