Daisy Jones & The Six, Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Online Book Club discussion of Daisy Jones & the Six.

Did you enjoy reading the first part of the book this week? I love how the style and format of this book are so different than any other book I've ever read. It's such a quick read since it's set up as little interviews. Do you like reading a book that's set up like this? 

In this first section, we're introduced to all of our main characters. Do you find yourself enjoying any character over any others? Daisy Jones is so interesting and compelling to read about, but I wouldn't say I "like" her. I feel sorry for the childhood she had, and I feel sad about the choices she's making with drugs. But, you can't deny that she's talented and is destined to be a superstar. Billy goes through a lot in this first section. How surprised were you when he cheated on Camila? I didn't think she would be willing to stand by him. I felt so sad that Billy missed so much of his baby's first months, but I was glad that he was committed to getting help. Do you think he's a good leader for the band? How do you think he and Daisy will mesh in the next section? Do you like any of the other band members? I really like Karen. I think she sounds really cool, and I appreciate her perspective in the story. 

Are you enjoying reading about the music industry? It's such a foreign world to me, so it's fun to read about. I can't imagine writing a song. That sounds like an impossible task. It was interesting how Daisy felt like she was a great songwriter but then realized that she hadn't written any full songs. Songwriting seems to come pretty easy for Billy. Do you think it's hard to read about the songs but not hear them? It's hard to imagine what the songs sound like just by reading what they're about. 

Do you feel like the band seems like they're very healthy? I think there is some hostility towards Billy because he's so controlling of the band and the music. He definitely wants the music to sound his way, and he wants the lyrics to be his lyrics. It almost feels like Billy would be more suited to being a solo artist since he has such strong opinions about everything. I think the band member he has the most tension with is Eddie. Do you feel that way? I don't feel like Billy thinks about Eddie's feelings at all, and it seems like that bothers Eddie. Billy also has a lot of tension with Daisy, obviously, but I think that tension goes both ways. How do you think Billy and Daisy are going to get along if they have to spend more time together? 

Did you have a favorite part of the first section that I didn't mention? Are you excited to keep reading? 

Before you go, check out this video by author, Taylor Jenkins Reid. Let me know what you think about her explanation about the origin of the book and the characters!

For next week, make sure to read to the section titled, "Aurora World Tour." I hope to hear from you in the comments!