Venture Down Under Through Sounds of the Didgeridoo

Prepare to be transported to the fantastic and wild world of Australia through the culturally rich music of the didgeridoo! Didgeridoo Down Under celebrates the instrument and its otherworldly sound. Founder, Darren Liebman, shares how the DDU show is an energetic fusion of Australian music, culture, puppetry, comedy, and interactive storytelling that’s perfect for kids and families.

Darren discussed his passion for entertainment, education, and motivational storytelling with me.


What is it about Australia and the didgeridoo as an instrument that excites you? How do you share that with kids? 

I was born in South Africa, but many of my relatives live in Australia, and I've visited many times. The didgeridoo has been played for at least 1,500 years by Australia-native Aboriginal people, making it a culturally significant instrument that creates an otherworldly sound. Plus, it's heaps of fun to play, especially the variety of animal sounds that can be created with it. We use the didgeridoo and various percussion instruments to play mostly high-energy rhythms that get the audience hopping and grooving. The music connects with the audience and open channels of communication that enhance every other aspect of the show.

The DDU Show is much more than music. It includes culture, comedy, character building, storytelling, and audience participation. It's interactive, educational, motivational, and super fun for all ages. You’ll learn about Australian sea creatures, the Great Barrier Reef and more, all while moving & grooving to the pulsing rhythms of the didgeridoo! 

What do you and your crew enjoy most about performing for kids & teens at the library? 

We appreciate that performing gives us a platform to share our beliefs and positive messages about treating others with kindness, tolerance, and respect, and protecting the planet. We wake up every day with passion, drive, and purpose to contribute positively to our communities and planet. We do what we love, and we love what we do. It is a privilege to be able to perform for - and hopefully inspire - every audience.

This year’s summer reading theme is Oceans of Possibilities. How do you incorporate this theme into your performance? 

DDU is perfect for the 2022 SRP theme “Oceans of Possibilities” because Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef and countless unique marine creatures, some of which we talk about during the show. We always promote environmentalism and protecting the oceans. 


Don’t miss Didgeridoo Down Under on Wednesday, June 22 at the Xenia and Fairborn community libraries!