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Welcome to Week 2 of the Online Book Club!

How is Wuthering Heights treating you so far? Do you feel like you are back in school and are reading something boring, or are you enjoying the story and the language? I have to be honest—I keep going back and forth, not really sure how I feel about the story!

The setting is really important in this story. But, since I have never been to the moor in England, I have a hard time really understanding the symbolism of this area. Luckily, I was able to find a video on YouTube that shows what the moorland looks like. Please take a moment to view this video if you aren’t familiar with the British landscape that shapes this novel.

In the first eleven chapters, I found myself flip-flopping on my opinion of Heathcliff. At first, I felt sorry for him because Hindley was so mean to him. But then he turns into a monster, and I really didn’t like him at all. I couldn’t believe how he and Catherine were so angry, mean, and obsessive with each other. Their relationship is not likeable at all.

I also didn’t like how Heathcliff treated Isabella. At the end of chapter eleven, we see that Heathcliff was embracing Isabella, but he claims that he doesn’t like her at all. To me, it appears that he is just using Isabella to make Catherine jealous, and that is really cruel since it’s pretty obvious that Isabella likes Heathcliff.

I also found it really disheartening that Heathcliff turned Hareton, Hindley’s son, into a mini version of himself. I couldn’t believe it when Nelly recounted the time that she met Hindley and he swore at her and told her that Heathcliff wouldn’t let him go to school. I know that Heathcliff is mad about the way that Hindley treated him when they were growing up, but it is really sad that he uses Hindley’s innocent son to exact revenge.

What are your thoughts about this first section? Do you like any of the characters? Do you find it confusing that this story is told through the memories of Nelly?

I’m really interested to hear what you think of the book so far. Please leave a comment to tell me about your favorite character—if you are able to find one!

See you next week!

2 Responses to “Wuthering Heights: Week 2”

  1. Carrol

    Thanks for the video. Although I have never been to an English moor, the video reminded be of places in the U.S. I have visited. I thiought about the landscape of the Badlands and the vastness of the Grand Canyon. I also thought about the beauty of the national forests like Acadia National Park. Maybe someday I will be able to visit and experience that beautiful part of the world.

    I have to admit that I am not liking any of these characters at this point. Catherine’s actions are driving me crazy. She is so manipulative. I, too, was really disappointed with the changes in Hareton. Obviously, it is true that our surroundings affect and influence us.

    I really did not expect to hear this story through Nelly. I am wondering if her version of the events is accurate.

    I am determined to keep reading this book. Hopefully, my feelings about the characters will improve.

    • Erin K.

      Thanks for joining us again, Carrol! I’m sorry that you aren’t really enjoying the characters. I found them really hard to enjoy, too. I find that a lot of older books have a narrator that explains the action, and I find that to be a little confusing. I also find it confusing if a lot of the action is told through letters.

      Thanks for sharing some of your travel experiences. It’s cool that you can relate some of the landscape that you have seen to landscape in England.

      I hope you’re able to keep reading the book! I hope to hear from you next week!

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