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Welcome! This month, we’re reading 2017’s Big Read book: The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough.

The Online Book Club, in case you’ve never joined us before, is a book discussion group that takes place entirely online. Each week, I write a new blog post that talks about different aspects of the book, and you can interact directly with me and other readers by leaving a comment in the comments section. Make sure you check back each week and see what new topics we are talking about!

The Wright Brothers is an in-depth look at the lives of Orville and Wilbur Wright. It’s full of historical facts about Dayton, the beginnings of flight, and life during the turn of the century. I really encourage you to read along with us this month—you won’t regret learning more about the Wright Brothers, and I know you’ll love David McCullough’s writing. After reading this book, I can see why McCullough has won two Pulitzer Prizes.

In case you need more convincing about reading with us this month, check out this segment from CBS Sunday Morning in which McCullough talks about the book.

Join us next week as we talk about the first four chapters. I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments!

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