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It’s Week 3 for the Online Book Club discussion of Stephen King’s It. How has your reading been going? Are you still working your way through the long text, or have you abandoned the book in favor of one of the movie versions?

Have any of the sections stuck out to you as being especially scary? I found myself thinking about that part where Richie and Bill encounter It in the basement of that abandoned house. It shows up as a teenage werewolf, and the whole scene was terrifying. Do any scenes jump out at you like that?

Any part that featured Beverly was hard to read as well. Her abusive relationship with her husband was out of control, and her relationship with her father was frightening, too. Did you think the part about blood flowing around her bathroom was creepy?

In this section, the adults all finally make it back to Derry, and they reunite. They all have incomplete memories about the summer of 1958, but once they start exploring the town, they start to remember things. They also start seeing It again. Ben’s encounter in the library was horrifying, and Beverly’s encounter with It at her childhood home was incredibly unsettling. Which adult meeting with It did you find to be the most scary?

In chapter 12, we find that Henry Bowers, the boy who terrorized the group when they were young, has been in jail for decades, but he breaks out of prison with the help of It and comes for the group. We also find out that Beverly’s abusive husband finds out where she is and starts traveling to Derry. I feel like both of these men are incredibly dangerous and will not be good to the group once they find them.

Do you have any guesses as to how the group united and beat It back in 1958? Do you think they will be able to beat It once and for all now that they are adults? How do you think this story is going to end?

Looking at the most recent movie version, the character of It is incredibly creepy, but Bill Skarsgard, who portrayed It, isn’t. If you want to hear him talk about his role in It, check out this interview and this one, too.

If you watched the movie and loved the cast of young actors, you might enjoy this interview in which the actors rate scary things.

Finally, if you want to hear Stephen King talk about the movie adaptation, check out this interview.

I hope you will be able to finish the book next week! I can’t wait to hear what you thought!

2 Responses to “Stephen King’s It, Week 3”

  1. Carrol

    Interesting video clips. I always like to hear how the author of a book feels about the movie version. Obviously, King is really pleased. I wonder how close these movie characters are to the images King had in head of each of his characters.

    I agree with Kimmel. I do not like to be scared. I know I could not watch the movie version of this book.

    Bill Skarsgard seems like a great choice for It. Great stories about his smile and the way he used it to terrorize his little brother. Who knew it would bring him so much financial success!

    • Erin K.

      I’m glad you liked the video clips. I thought it would be good to include some funny and light clips since the book is so dark and creepy!

      Can you believe how Bill Skarsgard’s smile seems so clown-like? He seems tailor made for the role.

      I hope you are able to enjoy the end of the book and the last entry! Thanks for commenting!


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