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Imagine this: you walk into a room filled with some of the latest technologies, tools, and software available. You can record a demo in a professional sound booth to launch your singing career. You can make buttons to support a grassroots movement. You can sew a blanket, edit photos, design ads, solder jewelry, and even create an intricately carved wood piece with a computerized router. All of this is offered for free, or at a low material cost, and is just a small snapshot of what’s possible within this space.

Where can all of this happen? At Spark Place, the library’s new makerspace, located on the second floor of Xenia Community Library.

Spark Place has both the equipment and the staff to help patrons complete a wide variety of creative and technical projects. Regular classes will be offered beginning in the summer and will provide instruction on how to use equipment and create products. Each of Greene County Public Library’s seven community locations will benefit from Spark Place through rotational programming and mobile kits, called Sparkits, that will share advanced technologies throughout the county.

Greene County Public Library and Spark Place are open to all Ohio residents. You just need to get a Greene County Public Library card, which can be acquired with a photo ID, proof of address, and a short application form. Use of the makerspace also requires a completed Spark Place waiver on file.

For information about Spark Place’s offerings and hours, visit their location page.

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