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Winter is here… are you ready for it?

Winter weather can be savage and with it comes school closings. “A day off of school? How is that bad?” you might be thinking. Maybe a day off of school wouldn’t be too bad… but a day off school when you’re snowed inside? Think about it—you won’t be able to hang out with your friends and you can only spend so many hours watching slime videos on YouTube before you’re bored. If you’re trapped in the house and the day is so dull that you’d rather be at school, check out these digital collections from Greene County Public Library:


You want to read, but you have no way to the library and no books at home. What do you do? The answer is simple: Make an OverDrive account! You can access OverDrive on your computer or download the Libby app on your device. We have thousands of ebooks and eaudiobooks that you can download, so you’re sure to find something.

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Maybe you’re not in the mood to read and you just want to watch something. Make a Hoopla account! It’s easy to do, and you’re guaranteed high quality, ad-free movies, television shows, and music.

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You could try out for something completely different. Once you make an account using your library card number and PIN, you have access to tons of video tutorials and online courses for career paths in audio and music, business, 3D modeling, animation, design, information technology, photography, and more. The tutorials are taught by professionals, so if you’re interested in learning more about these career paths, you’ll get some of the best information from Lynda. You even get a certificate once you’ve completed a course!

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If you want to spend your snow day doing schoolwork, we won’t judge you! Get ahead on a big project or prepare for a test when you use TrueFlix to learn about different subjects like Ancient Civilizations, the Civil War, Disasters, and Extreme Nature. You can watch videos, read a short eBook, and do related activities. All the information you need is right in front of you and easy to access. It’s perfect for school projects or just for fun.

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Mango Languages

Are you taking a foreign language in school? Do you like watching anime and want to learn Japanese? Either way, Mango Languages can help you learn another language. Mango offers lessons on dozens of foreign languages from French to Spanish to Japanese. Use Mango Languages on your computer or mobile device. You will learn basic, everyday phrases in each unit of your foreign language course and Mango repeats phrases often so you won’t forget them. Spend your snow day learning a foreign language and impress everyone with your new vocabulary when you go back to school

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The amount of free things available at your local library is a little surprising, isn’t it? What you do on your snow day is up to you—play video games, read a book, or watch a movie. Just remember you have free access to many resources that are not only fun, but can also actually teach you something, and all you need to have is a library card. (Which you can get for free! Do you see a pattern here?) So, on your next snow day, try looking through our digital collections.

Au revoir! Adiós! Jā matane!

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