Teacher Services

Teacher Card

A Teacher/Educator’s Card is available to verified educators, homeschoolers, and education students who are eligible for a Greene County library card. It serves as a second library card in addition to your personal card. The card has a maximum borrowing and reserve limit of 150 items and allows you to borrow materials for six weeks, though one-week materials are still loaned for only one week.

To Qualify

  • Teachers: Bring proof of employment in a school.
  • Homeschoolers: Bring a letter from the appropriate authority such as the Greene County Educational Service Center, the Beavercreek Superintendent’s office, or the Fairborn Superintendent’s office.
  • Education students: Bring a letter from a professor or college official.
  • Other educators: Bring a letter from the institution at which you teach.


A Teacher Card expires annually. Only teachers, homeschoolers, or education students who have a Greene County Public Library Teacher Card are eligible for six-week loans and room collections provided by the librarians.

Classroom Collections

Request collections of children’s materials to supplement and enhance the resources of your classroom.

To Borrow a Collection

Fill out the classroom collection form.

Library staff will prepare collections of books according to your needs for specific reading or age levels, subject areas, or general browsing interests. You may borrow a maximum of 150 items.

When requesting a collection, you must give the librarian your Teacher Card barcode number so that the collection can be checked out ahead of time. Your Teacher Card must be presented when you pick up the collection. Please be prepared to carry your own classroom collection.

Borrowing Period

The loan period for classroom collections is six weeks. The collection may be renewed ten times for three weeks.

To aid in record keeping, you may request a computer printout of the items in your collection at the time they are borrowed. Teachers are subject to the same fees as other library users.