Exam Proctoring

Proctors are people who administer college or other institutional exams.

Exam proctoring is available at the Beavercreek, Fairborn and Xenia libraries for students in accredited degree or certificate granting programs.

Conditions for proctoring must be within the library’s service limitations. The student must make an appointment with the designated proctor and reserve a meeting or study room.

Although we don’t charge a fee for this service, we’ll be happy to accept donations on behalf of the Greene County Public Library Foundation.

Need to Schedule an Appointment?

Fill out the exam proctoring inquiry form for additional information or to schedule an appointment. If you prefer, you can also call or visit the Beavercreek, Fairborn or Xenia library.

The student will:

  • Verify that the testing institution accepts all library proctoring policies
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Call to verify that the library has received the examination
  • Allow sufficient time to complete and return an examination before the deadline
  • Bring appropriate photo ID to the library on the scheduled exam day
  • Come prepared with the necessary supplies to take the examination
  • Provide postage and mailing supplies if not provided by the school
  • Pay for any supplies or expenses required (printouts, copies, long distance calls, etc.)
  • Call the library during inclement weather to verify appointment availability

The library can:

  • Proctor exams for individual students who have made appointments in advance
  • Serve as delivery and return point for mailed, emailed, or faxed exams
  • Proctor online exams via web-based applications
  • Certify that the student has taken an exam according to instructions
  • Return the completed exam via any prepaid method
  • Hold copies of paper exams for 30 days

The library cannot:

  • Accommodate requests for walk-in or unscheduled proctoring
  • Provide a staff member to continuously monitor the exam
  • Verify the correct exam materials have been received by the library
  • Clarify procedural questions or instructions on behalf of the school or instructor
  • Grade exams
  • Guarantee completed exams will be received by a specific deadline
  • Download or install software on library computers for test proctoring