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Welcome to our final Online Book Club discussion of Seabiscuit!

Can I be honest with you all and say that I cried at my desk just a little bit when I finished this book? I got really invested in Seabiscuit’s life, and when I found out that he died so young, I was really sad. Then, thinking about how the Howards had to say goodbye to him—it all just hit me, and in a vulnerable moment I found myself fighting back tears.

I was on pins and needles reading about Seabiscuit’s last race. I was so nervous that something was going to happen and he wasn’t going to be able to win the Santa Anita Handicap. It was just so perfect that he was able to come back from injury and win, and that Red was able to come back from injury and lead Seabiscuit to victory. What a way to end a career. It was like Peyton Manning ending his career by winning the Super Bowl. Check out this video of the race if you’re interested in watching the event.

I was really sad to read the epilogue and find out that Tom Smith and Red Pollard didn’t lead overly happy lives after they parted ways with Seabiscuit. Wouldn’t you expect that both would be set for life after being involved with such a successful horse?

On a more positive note, Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand’s health has improved in the past couple of years, and she has been able to travel a little bit. In fact, she was able to visit Seabiscuit’s ranch. I encourage you to read her recent blog post about the visit—it’s really interesting.

Seabiscuit’s home ranch is open to visitors, so if you enjoyed reading about Seabiscuit, and you love to travel, you can schedule a trip to see where he lived. You can tour the grounds, view a statue of Seabiscuit, and learn more about his life. Check out the Ridgewood Ranch website to learn more.

I hope you really enjoyed reading this book. I loved it, and hope you did, too. If you enjoyed Laura Hillenbrand’s writing style, make sure to check out her other book, Unbroken.

Please let me know what you thought by leaving a comment in the comments section! I look forward to hearing from you. And please join us next month as we read The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais.


2 Responses to “Seabiscuit: Week 4”

  1. Carrol

    What a great story! Like you, I was on the edge of my seat during the race at Santa Anita. Thanks for the video of the race. It was great seeing what the race really looked like and the great reaction of the spectators.

    I was so sad to read what happened to Red. I was so glad he had a family, but I hurt as I read about his physical struggles. Also, it was hard reading about the way he tried to transition out of horse racing. What a great love for his profession.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Hillenbrand’s visit to the Ridgewood Ranch. I can only imagine the emotions she experienced while she was there. What a dream come true for her! Thanks for including the site for us.

    Thanks for providing all of the “extras” while we were reading the book. They were really helpful.

    • Erin K.

      Carrol, I am so glad that you enjoyed the story. I didn’t really know anything about horse racing before starting this book, so I wasn’t sure if I would like it. But, I think this is my favorite book we have read for Online Book Club so far.

      I am totally on the same page as you in regards to Red. He was such a sad character. I felt sad that he just couldn’t find any profession other than jockey.

      I’m glad you took the time to read Hillenbrand’s blog post! Wasn’t that so good?

      Thanks for commenting along all month again! I hope to hear from you next month!

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