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Biography in Context

Find biographical information about people from many fields, including literature, science, business, entertainment, politics, sports, government, history, and the arts.

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Biography Reference Bank

Access biographical information on more than 335,000 people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines.

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Discover an insider’s perspective on the history, customs and lifestyles of the world’s peoples.

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Explora Secondary Schools

Grades 6–12: A far better alternative to websites and search engines for students to look up articles and facts for research papers or homework.

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World Book

Choose the appropriate World Book encyclopedia for your needs:

  • Early World of Learning (Preschool-2nd grade)
  • World Book Kids (Elementary school)
  • World Book Student (Middle school)
  • World Book Advanced (High school and adult)
  • World Book Online for Kids
  • World Book Online Info Finder
  • World Book Online Reference Center

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