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Welcome to Week 1 of the Online Book Club discussion of Old Yeller!

The Online Book Club, if you haven’t joined us before, is an online book discussion that occurs all through the month. Each Monday, we’ll post a new blog entry that will talk about different parts of the book, and you can read along with us and post your thoughts in the comments.

Our book discussion is a little different than most in that each book we discuss also has a movie version you can access at any of our local branches or our digital streaming service, Hoopla. Make sure to check out the movie if you want to participate in our discussion but don’t want to read the book!

This month, we’re reading Old Yeller, the story of the Coates family and the dog that adopts them, Old Yeller. Travis Coates is tasked to protect his mother and younger brother when his father leaves the homestead to go on a cattle drive. Old Yeller shows up during Mr. Coates’s absence and soon proves to be a powerful protector and friend.

Be prepared to need a pack of tissues as you read this book—just a warning in case you aren’t familiar with the story.

Here’s a scene from the movie if you need more incentive to watch the movie or read the book along with us.

I hope you’ll join us as we read the first five chapters next week. Feel free to comment, though, even if you don’t get that far. I hope to hear from you in the comments!

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