OverDrive Introduces “Deliver Later”

Do you love reading? Do you love borrowing ebooks and audiobooks from our OverDrive Digital Downloads service? There have been some recent changes to OverDrive and the Libby app that will help make sure you’re able to read the books you want to read when you want to read them.

What’s happening?

Instead of a title you have on hold being automatically checked out whether you're ready for it or not, you’ll have new choices.

You can:

  1. Borrow the title once it's available and start reading! You’ll have a three-day pickup period to open the Libby app or access your OverDrive account and check out your title.
  2. If you’re not ready to start reading, you can choose “deliver later” and select a set time period when you’d like the book delivered to you. Once that time period is over, you’ll be next on the list.

What if I forget to pick up my hold?

If you forget to borrow your available title during the pickup window, your hold will automatically be set to “deliver later” as a one-time courtesy for seven days. After seven days, your hold will be active again and you’ll receive another notification when the next copy is ready to borrow.

Why did this change?

This change gives you more control over what you read and when you read it, so you can get around to checking every book off your must-read list.

  • You can borrow and read titles when it’s convenient for you.
  • Wait lists will move more efficiently as patrons pass books to the next person in line.

How else can I manage my holds?

You can still use the “suspend hold” feature before holds are ready to borrow. Hold suspension lets you continue moving up on the wait list without the hold becoming available to borrow. This means you can now manage your holds before and after they become available, giving even more flexibility and control.

Learn more about holds and find step-by-step tutorials on Libby Help (for Libby) or on OverDrive Help (for the OverDrive Digital Downloads website or the OverDrive app).