Introducing Craft for a Cause

An exciting opportunity opens up soon for all Greene County crafters. Pick up your crochet hooks, knitting needles, and other favorite tools to get creative with a different project each month. Beginning in March, Greene County Public Library is unveiling Craft for a Cause, an initiative created by Greene County Public Library’s Adult and Technical Services Coordinator Tamar Kreke.

Our libraries always strive to find innovative ways to give back to the community. Craft for a Cause invites all intermediate-to-advanced crafters to participate in craft projects. Start by visiting to learn about each month’s craft you can create at home. Upon completion, you’ll take your finished project to the library, where we’ll deliver it to a preselected nonprofit organization. By using your passion for crafting, you’ll help communities in need. From quilting to crocheting, Craft for a Cause will include a diverse range of projects, providing resources for templates and patterns ranging from easy to advanced levels.

If you’re looking for a fresh outlet for your creativity and love for crafting, join us for Craft for a Cause's first project in March 2020.