Introducing Automatic Renewal

More Time and Fewer Fines!

Maybe you’ve still got a few chapters left in the book you’re reading. Or maybe you won’t be able to make it back to the library to return that movie night DVD before it’s due. There are all kinds of reasons you might need a little extra time with the items you’ve borrowed from the library.

Greene County Public Library has always offered the chance to renew most physical materials so you can extend their due dates and keep them longer without late fines. Now we’re happy to make the process even easier with automatic renewal.

Eligible items will automatically be renewed one to three days before their original due date.

An item you’ve borrowed won’t be automatically renewed if:

  • There’s a waiting list for that item.
  • It’s already been renewed the maximum number of times.
  • Your library account isn’t in good standing, including when you owe $5 or more in fines.
  • It’s part of an express collection, or is a telescope.
  • It’s a digital item, such as an ebook.

You’ll still receive reminders from the library if items you borrow are overdue.

The automatic renewal service is already applied to your library account—no need to sign up!