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Welcome to Week 2 of our online discussion of Me Before You.

The Online Book Club, in case you’ve never joined us before, is a book discussion group that meets entirely online. Every week, I write a new blog entry about different aspects of the book, and each month, people can leave their thoughts and comments in the comments section of the blog posts.

Now that you’ve read the first seven chapters of the book, what do you think? The main characters are obviously Louisa and Will, and in this first section, we see all of the action through Louisa’s eyes.

When she loses her beloved job at a bakery, Louisa struggles to find a job and really just stumbles into the job with Will. At first, he seems to be impossible to be around. When Will first meets Lou, he tries to scare her by making a loud sound and acting like he is completely incapacitated. He’s rude, and he doesn’t try to make friends with her. After Will’s ex-girlfriend comes for a visit, Will and Louisa develop a little bit of a camaraderie, but they aren’t close or especially friendly.

At the end of the seventh chapter, we meet Will’s sister and see that she is really upset at Will. Were you able to figure out why she is so mad at Will? Jojo Moyes gives a little clue about the main conflict in the book-were you able to pick up on it?

Do you like Louisa as a narrator? I felt like she was an interesting narrator, but I felt so sorry for her. It seemed like everyone in her life treats her as if she were inferior. It would have been bad enough if she were just ignored by her boyfriend, but it seems like she is ignored and undervalued by her family as well.

What do you think of Will? It’s hard to like him now because he is in so much pain and is so guarded, but I have a feeling that I wouldn’t have really liked who he was before the accident. Just from the few clues Jojo Moyes gave at the beginning, I gathered that he was probably a bit of a playboy and was really obsessed with work.

I hope you’re enjoying the book so far! Let me know your thoughts about the book or the movie!

Before I go, I’ll leave this video clip that shows the main actors from the movie interviewing each other.

See you next week! I’ll be talking about the next seven chapters, so I hope you’re able to read all of that before next week.

4 Responses to “Me Before You: Week 2”

  1. Carrol

    I am really enjoying this book. I am imagining myself as the main characters and trying to decide what I would do if I were in their shoes.

    I really like Louisa. I, too, felt sorry for her. He father says some really hurtful things to her. I am sad that she doesn’t have more confidence. Her sister makes her feel pretty awful, too. Louisa gives up so much to make things easier for her sister and nephew.

    I really like Will. I am so sorry for his condition and the pain he endures. I can’t imagine the humiliation he faces daily. Learning about his attempt at suicide made me so sad. It was pretty horrific.

    Will’s sister is obviously upset with the decision he has made to end his life. It is hard to imagine just how awful things are for Will and why he would make this decision.

    I know things are going to get even harder for all of these characters.

    • Erin K.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. I kept thinking about myself as the main characters, too, but then I would get too sad and would have to stop!

      Will does seem to be in such horrific pain all the time. I can’t imagine having to endure all of that.

      I felt so sad for Will’s sister at the end of this section, and I feel so bad for Will’s parents. I can’t imagine having to watch a child experience this much pain and depression. I bet their hearts are constantly broken for their son.

      I hope you’re able to keep reading, even though the book has started to get a little sad!

      Thanks for commenting! I look forward to hearing from you next week!

  2. Jane Engle

    After reading the first 7 chapters of the book, I was left with a desire to find out what would come next. We learn that Will has tried to commit suicide and made an agreement with his mother about something that will be decided in 90 days. With his sister’s reaction and her considering Will to be selfish, it makes me think that his parents have agreed to take him somewhere that assisted suicide is legal. In doing so, it definitely would impact their whole family and any friends who were aware of the plans.

    The main characters, Louisa and Will, appear to be opposites with nothing in common Since the story takes place in England, it reminds me of a contrast between the old class system with Louisa being lower and Will being upper. The advantages/disadvantages associated with their situations can be understood as a result. My feelings about them are like yours.

    While I enjoyed watching the video clip, it made me wonder how much of what was said was really true or if they were partially acting playing with each other like their characters would.. Despite never being able to know, it was fun to see and understand why they were cast for their parts in the movie.

    • Erin K.

      You’re on the right track, Jane. Great job picking up on the situation just from the few clues that Moyes gives at the end of the seventh chapter.

      I can definitely see similarities to the old class system through the relationship between Will and Louisa. It’s interesting how Will has such a hard time, later in the book, understanding how Louisa has done so little in her life. He definitely has a hard time understanding how those without as much money as he had spend their time!

      I still haven’t watched the movie, but I did enjoy seeing the actors interact with each other in the video clip. I’m glad you enjoyed it as well!

      Thanks for chiming in again this week! I hope to hear from you again next week!

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