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Karl Colón

Karl Colón, Executive Director

Dear Greene County Public Library Friends and Family,

Spring and change go hand-in-hand. Spring is officially here and Greene County Public Library is pleased to announce this change in our digital collections. Acorn TV is a brand-new video streaming service that is now available to our patrons. With Acorn TV, you can watch over 80 mystery, drama, and comedy TV shows from different countries. These shows are commercial-free and new shows are added every week. With this critically-acclaimed service, you can always find something to watch—and it’s free! We are excited to give you this new service.

Speaking of services, we want to remind you of some of the other services in our digital collection: Hoopla, where you can not only watch movies, but listen to music and audiobooks as well; OverDrive, which holds hundreds of ebook and digital audiobook titles that you can download directly to your device;, a website where you can learn important skills from professionals in the field through video lessons on various subjects such as marketing, photography, programming, and more, and Mango Languages, which has its own website as well as an app that can be downloaded to any device. With Mango, you have access to over 72 languages ranging from English to Japanese. Mango will give you a great start in learning a new language.

The good news is that all the services mentioned are free. We hope to continue offering you more exciting and new free services.

Thank you for being the best friends a library could ask for,

Karl Colón, Director

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  1. Richard Keefe

    Your choice of Acorn TV as a service is excellent! I’ve been a paid subscriber and programming is fantastic. Your patrons won’t be disappointed.

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