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Welcome to Week 3 of the Online Book Club discussion of Inferno!

Did you feel like you got any more answers in this second section? Are the chapters flying by for you, or are you struggling to get through all of the pages?

One of the big symbols and art pieces in this section is Dante’s death mask. I wasn’t really familiar with the practice of making a death mask before reading this book, so, of course, I had to do a little research. I enjoyed this article from Biography that showed a couple of death masks that have been made throughout history. Make sure to check out the article if you want to see a large picture of Dante’s mask, and if you want to see what Napoleon Bonaparte looked like at the time of his death.

How surprised were you when Sienna pushed Vayentha, the woman who had been chasing them, through the cloth ceiling? Do you feel like Sienna was justified to kill Vayentha, especially since we weren’t really sure who she was, who she was working for, or if she really wanted to harm them?

What did you think when Langdon and Sienna found the death mask and then found all of that text on the back? Do you think it is believable that someone would deface a priceless piece of history just to leave a clue?

Finally, what do you think of Dr. Ferris, the man who flew Langdon to Florence and supposedly works for the World Health Organization? I think it is suspicious that he shows up all of a sudden and has that terrible rash. Do you think he’s being honest that he is having an allergic reaction, or do you believe Langdon and think that he might be contaminated with the plague? That chapter with the flashback about FS-2080 and Zobrist was confusing. Do you think Dr. Ferris is FS-2080, or do you think this chapter is meant to confuse us and it is really someone else?

Ok, there was so much more in this section that I didn’t talk about, so feel free to mention your favorite part in the comments section. And, if you have any questions or theories, make sure to mention those as well.

I hope you’re able to finish the book in time for our discussion next week! I am excited to hear your thoughts.

4 Responses to “Inferno, Week 3”

  1. Carrol

    I am not sure I was able to get more answers in this section. If anything, I think I have more. I think the pace of the book is great.

    The death masks are so interesting. Thanks for providing the site. I have to say I am really surprised such an important piece of work is being used to write out messages. I am guessing I will see why eventually.

    I still don’t have a good feeling about Sienna. She just seems to have too much information every time they are faced with a new dilemma. I also am suspicious because she was too quick to agree with Dr. Ferris concerning his rash. That man spells “Trouble.” Why is she so quick to trust him?

    I am so anxious to see how this ends.

    • Erin K.

      I totally agree with your assessment of Sienna and Dr. Ferris. He seems like such a shady character, yet she is willing to accept everything he says about his rash. I hope that he doesn’t have any sort of contagious plague.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the extra information about the death masks. I hope they didn’t creep you out too much!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the pace. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book! I can’t wait to hear your final thoughts next week!

  2. Jane Engle

    While each Dan Brown book featuring his Robert Langdon character is intriguing and induces nonstop reading, they are also so similar that each one can be reduced to a formulaic writing style that is simply “Fill in the Blank.” For that reason it is better to put some length of time between embarking on another one so you can thoroughly enjoy the experience once again.

    The complexity of reducing the book to film makes Ron Howard’s and Tom Hanks’ pairing appear to be simply a money-making enterprise that leaves the viewer feeling cheated. The only way I will watch their versions are when they are made available for free.

    This section made me feel more assured that I have figured out the answers to my questions about Sienna, Dr. Ferris and who FS-2080 is. Although hinted to be Ferris, I am sure it is someone else who has played a prominent role throughout the book. If my thinking is correct, it explains why you should always believe and trust Langdon, not have been surprised by Sienna pushing Vayentha, and understand the flashbacks about FS-2050 and Zobrist.

    Now I look forward to competing the book to find out whether or not I am right.

    • Erin K.

      Jane, I totally agree with your assessment of Dan Brown’s books. They definitely follow a formula. I think that The Davinci Code was my favorite–just because it was so novel and different when I first read it. But, I have enjoyed the rest, even though I kind of know what to expect.

      I think I have only watched one of the movies. It’s just really hard to condense all of that action into a movie that you can watch in one sitting!

      I hope you enjoy the end of the book and find out if you are right about your theories!

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