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Welcome to a brand-new Week 1 of the Online Book Club! In August, we’re reading Inferno by Dan Brown.

The Online Book Club is a book discussion group that takes place entirely online. Each week, I write a blog post that talks about different aspects of the book, and you can interact directly with me and other readers by leaving a comment in the comments section. Check back each week and see what new topics we’re talking about!

When you first check out Inferno, you might be a little intimidated by its size. Inferno has lots of pages and lots of chapters, but it’s also a really fast, action-packed read. Most of the chapters are short, so you can fly through and read a bunch in one sitting.

The protagonist, Robert Langdon, is the main character of a few of Dan Brown’s other books. Langdon is a professor of symbology at Harvard, and in Inferno, he must use his knowledge of symbols to help save the world.

As always, we’ve selected a book with a film adaptation. If you’re more interested in watching a movie than reading a book, you can still follow along with us and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Inferno was directed by Ron Howard and stars Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones. Just like the book, it’s full of action, adventure, history, and art. Check out the trailer below if you’re interested in seeing what the movie is like.

I hope you join us this month! And once again, don’t be put off by the book’s size—it is a pretty easy read. Make sure you read the first 34 chapters before you join us on August 14.


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