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Welcome to our third week discussing The Fifth Wave for the Online Book Club.

How are you doing reading the book this week? Are you hooked on the action and the storyline? Does this book remind you of any other books or movies you have read or seen?

In the first chapter of this section, we see Cassie from the perspective of someone called a silencer. It appears that this person is either an alien or someone employed by the aliens because he is hunting Cassie down. In fact, he was the one who shot her in the leg. At the end of the chapter, he runs away instead of shooting and killing Cassie. What do you think this means? Does this show that the invaders are capable of compassion?

Next, we see Cassie as she is recovering with a boy named Evan Walker. What are your first impressions of Evan? Do you think he’s too good to be true? Do you think he is the missing piece to helping Cassie find her brother? At the end of the section you read, we see that Cassie is questioning Evan, and she believes that he isn’t what he seems. Do you have any guesses about his background?

Then, we see that Sam is safe, and he is in the same training facility as Ben Parish/Zombie. Sam is renamed Nugget and is assigned as Zombie’s special project. What do you think of this training facility? I think it seems really scary. The kids are doing such violent stuff, and so many of them are losing it and cracking under the pressure. Having kids be the ones to fight the aliens reminds me of Ender’s Game—have you read that book? Do you see the similarities?

So, what were your impressions of this section? Do you have a guess about what will happen at the end? Do you have Evan figured out? What about Zombie? I’d love to know what you’re thinking about the book so far.

If you’re interested to hear how Rick Yancey got inspiration for this book, make sure to watch this interview.

In the interview, he mentions that he got inspiration from hearing Stephen Hawking talk about aliens. If you’d like to read more from Stephen Hawking himself, check out this short article.

I hope to hear from you in the comments section. Make sure you finish the book next week!

2 Responses to “The Fifth Wave, Week 3”

  1. Carrol

    I am really into this book. I will admit it has been hard to stop at the designated chapters, but I did.

    I was really surprised the Silencer didn’t shoot and kill Cassie. His compassion seems to human. I was even more surprised when she was rescued and cared for by Evan. I am really nervous about him. I want to believe he is a good guy, but I keep holding my breath.

    The hardest part for me in this section was reading about the things
    Sam was going through. He is too young to be experiencing these horrible things. I guess I was comforted a little to know that Ben was watching out for him.

    Interesting clip from the author. I find it hard to believe that someone like Hawking would be concerned about alien life.

    I am so ready to see how this book ends. I am really hoping that Sam and Cassie are reunited. Even if they are, I can’t imagine what the world will be like for them.

  2. Greg L.

    That’s a really interesting point about the Silencer, Carrol. There’s still so much we don’t know about them—do they have the same drives and emotions as humans? What do you think is motivating them?

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