The Greene County Public Library (GCPL) is an Ohio County District Library established for the benefit of the citizens of Greene County pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 3375.19. We are honored to provide library services to the residents of Greene County in tandem with our community partners, including our Friends Groups and the Greene County Public Library Foundation.


The Greene County Public Library system is the community’s connection to reading, lifelong learning, and personal and professional enrichment for people of all ages.


In support of our mission, we are committed to:

  • maintaining an open, unbiased environment
  • upholding the public’s right of access to information
  • providing individualized assistance
  • providing professional expertise
  • providing current technologies
  • provide materials and information in a variety of formats

Strategic Plan Goals

  • Create Young Readers
  • Stimulate Imagination & Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning
  • Visit a Comfortable Place

To learn more, download the Strategic Plan.