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There is no charge for normal wear and tear or minor damage that doesn’t affect an item’s usefulness.

The charges for lost or damaged materials:

  • Entire item or items owned by Greene County Public Library damaged beyond use: price from the item record, plus a $3 service charge.
  • Lost or damaged Resource Sharing—OCLC/Worldcat items: $20 per item plus any
    replacement charges levied by lending library.
  • Lost or damaged Resource Sharing—SearchOhio & OhioLINK items: $25 per item.
  • Lost booklets from CD, DVD or CD-ROM packages: $5.
  • Lost or damaged bin for classroom collection or KEY kit: $5.
  • Lost hanging bag from an audio-tape, CD-ROM or other material: $5.
  • Lost video case, CD case, or audio cassette case: $5.
  • Lost map from travel book: $5.
  • Lost Leased audiobook or CD: $50.
  • Lost tape or CD from a multi-part, unabridged audiobook: $10 per tape or disk.
  • Lost tape or CD from a multi-part, abridged audiobook: Cost of the entire item, plus
    the $3 service charge.
  • Lost tape or CD from a multi-part work: Cost of the entire item, plus the $3 service

Public Policy Manual

Download our Public Policy Manual for complete details on all library policies.

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Report a lost or stolen card to the library as soon as possible. You’re responsible for items checked out on your card up to the time your card is reported lost or stolen.

A replacement card costs $1.

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