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Join the Greene County Room for an overview of how to use DNA testing in your genealogy research.

Registration is open for our free DNA Genealogy Class, which will be held at Xenia Community Library on Saturday, June 10, from noon to 4 p.m.

This class is geared for the beginner who has received their DNA results. We’ll cover all three types of DNA testing, and discuss how to use your DNA results to make family connections.

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6 Responses to “DNA Genealogy Class”

  1. Bertha Buttner

    I wish I could come to this but since I don’t have a car and it’s on a Saturday, I can’t make it. The Greened CATS does not yet run on the weekends. I would be nice to go to this.
    Hopefully you will have another one either during a week day or after the Greene CATS starts weekend service.

  2. Sheila Edwards

    I am waiting to receive my results. Can I still come to this?

    • Library Staff

      The course instructor has corrected us on this point; you will need your results to get full benefit from the class. I apologize for the error and for any inconvenience. Yes, you can.

      • Kathy

        Where can I get DNA testing done and can I get results back before this class? Thanks.

        • Library Staff


          DNA testing kits are available through several websites, including,, or Unfortunately, you probably will not receive results in time for class, and the instructor has corrected our previous belief that you would be able to participate effectively without them. My apologies for the error and for any inconvenience. You probably won’t receive results in time for the class, but you can register and come to the class anyhow. There will be discussion of the different DNA test options and how you can interpret and use your results when they do arrive.

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