The Great Books Discussion Group at Beavercreek Community Library was started 30+ years ago and is still going strong. Discussion materials are published by The Great Books Foundation, Chicago, Illinois and cost about $25 to $30 each year for each participant. Books may be ordered by phone from the Great Books Foundation, 1 800-222-5870 or online at

The method of discussion, “shared inquiry,” requires that in order to participate in the discussion, the member must have read the entire article and must restrict the comments to the article itself, not on previous readings or personal experiences. The fact that the members have been “talking” for thirty years emphasizes the members’ enjoyment of the great conversations.

When & Where
The Great Books Discussion Group meets the first and third Tuesday each month in the Beavercreek library community room starting in September and running through May.

For additional information, please contact Laura Pinney, (937) 426-2559, or Larry Mortsolf, (937) 429-2398